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RNA is the most polyvalent macromolecule in cells. It functions not only as a messenger that conveys digital information to analog effectors, but also as a dynamic structure capable of catalysis and regulation on its own. This duality enables a seemingly infinite web of regulatory complexity, reinforced by the quadratic preponderance of transcribed, non protein-coding sequences in the genomes of higher eukaryotes. This is why I love RNA, in particular its non-protein coding faction.

I believe most geneticists tend to have a linear perspective of the human genome and the transcriptome. This has been supported by various canonical illustrations of genetic structure in addition to the now common representation of next-generation sequencing results. Indeed, much effort is invested in observing the presence or absence of genomic sequence, while neglecting the elucidation of higher structural order and quaternary interactions.

I am currently pursuing postdoctoral research in the RNA Biology and Plasticity laboratory at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, which is spearheaded by Prof. John S. Mattick.


When? What and where? Who?
10/2008 - 10/2012 PhD Genomics and Computational Biology.
University of Queensland
John S. Mattick
Peter F. Stadler
9/2005 - 1/2008 MSc Bioinformatics.
University of Montreal
Barbara Papadopoulou
Mathieu Blanchette
Gertraud Burger
9/2001 - 6/2004 BSc Biological Sciences: Microbiology and Immunology
University of Montreal


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Click here for more details and to view the data in the UCSC genome browser

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JAVA programming, BASH scripting, PBS/SGE (Portable Batch System/Sun Grid Engine), Unix/Linux, UCSC Genome Browser, R statistical programming, with a dash of perl and python.


PCR, RT-PCR, molecular cloning, cell culture, ectopic transfection, flow cytometry, fluorescent microscopy.